Seems Shaquille O’Neal’s work as a sports analyst for Turner Sports won’t be the only thing filling up the former NBA star’s schedule…not after he graduates from directing school, that is.

Yup, TMZ reports that the retired basketball champion is about to complete the Filmmaking Conservatory at the New York Film Academy’s branch at Universal Studios Hollywood. Shaq’s been very hands-on during directing and cinematography classes, walking his crew through stunts, and shooting on the studio’s famous back lot.

According to the school’s blog, Shaq has been “incredibly humble, funny and likable. It has been a thrill having him study with the academy.”

While working on the set of his graduating student film, Shaq said: “Why act when you can direct, right?”

Although he has yet to prove himself as a director, O’Neal’s acting credits include Kazaam, Steel and Blue Chips.

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