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Authorities say rapper Machine Gun Kelly organized a flash mob at a suburban Cleveland mall and was charged with disorderly conduct.

Strongsville police say the group gathered Saturday in swarms at the Strongsville Mall food court.

Kelly, who hails from Cleveland, explained how important his hometown fans from home are to him as his car drove away from the police department.

This whole flash mob thing that we did today wasn’t necessarily about looking all funny, like flash dancing, it was more of a chance to like, you know, it was the first appearance we’ve done in Ohio since announced a major label deal, and it was kind of a chance to show all the kids that we really care about them and that we’re still here and we’re still grounded and we’re gonna be Ohio boys and Cleveland boys till we’re six feet under.


This is MGK’s first Ohio appearance since he officiall signed with P. Diddy’s BAD BOY RECORDS last month. Take a look at the doc video that he released on youtube.