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When you walk into your home do you feel relaxed or stressed? Your home should be a place of retreat for you and your family. Where you can relax, relate and release from the outside world!  Would you like to remove the old energy from your home and restore your home with positive new energy? Kala Ambrose will show you how!

Think Before Speaking

Your home is your temple and should be treated with love and respect. The temple of your home protects your family from the elements, provides comfort and shelter and brings the family together to share in many activities. Consciously cleansing the home will clear the air and using your words with conscious thought will have a positive impact on the entire family.

Speak Kindly

When engaged in an argument, catch yourself. Count to 10 and ask, “What am I about to release energetically into my home and towards the people I love?” Remain aware that what is created daily in the sacred temple of your home, nurtures you and your family day and night.

Invest in the Power of Sage

Create a cleansing ritual using white sage to smudge and purify each room (check with your local store for instructions on how to smudge with sage). Say a prayer of protection to begin while lighting a white candle. As you move throughout each room with the sage, speak a prayer or mantra to bless each room and open the windows in each room to send old energy outdoors to be released.

Repaint Walls

Paint the walls in a room where you would like to completely change the energy. Play uplifting music and as you paint, say the word aloud that you would like the room to energetically align with, such as love, peace or grace. Lightly paint the word on the wall, while saying it aloud three times. Be sure to quickly paint over the word before it dries, otherwise what you have written will bleed through when the paint dries. If you are painting several rooms, create special words for each room. Active words work best such as: Abundance in the dining room, Peace in a child’s room, Love in the master bedroom, and Divine Order, which sets the intention for the entire home.

Bring Flowers

Once the room is put back together, fresh flowers bring in positive energy. Declare your home to be a sacred temple and keep it clutter-free, as clutter creates a detrimental effect on the energy of the room and the people who inhabit the space.

Apply Decorative Lettering

A final touch is to apply decorative lettering to the wall of any room. There are a wide variety of quotes readily available as well as the option to create a custom phrase of your own. With an uplifting phrase as a visual accent, it will be even easier to remember the new intentions that you are creating for your family and the sacred space you call home.

Invest in Quartz

To create a long lasting energetic boost in your room, purchase ground quartz (sold in the paint department of home renovation stores), specially ground for paint. Hold the bag of quartz in your hands and send the desired thought into the quartz. Then mix the quartz into the paint. This will reflect your thoughts and energy and create a beautiful sheen on the walls.

Source: The Huffington Post

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