Everybody knows that the bigger record labels may sign an amazing artist but their project does not always make it to the masses.  There can be many reasons for this.  Either the label was not impressed with the material or they just are not ready to release it.  More often than not, if an artist becomes too original the label may drop them.  This makes me sad because I personally enjoy artists who write from their heart and use their creativity.  Unfortunately, it is proven that the masses are the opposite. This brings us to our topic: Female singers who are underrated. The following songstress’s are (in my book) very very underrated.  It was ridiculously difficult but I narrowed the list down to five.

#1. Ledisi

You may have heard of Ledisi or you may have not. If you have, there is no question to whether or not she is underrated. This woman is not only vocally magnificent but her music is passionate and addicting. I am astounded that she did not blow up globally like she should have. I love this girl! Check her out.

#2. Jazmine Sullivan

Everyone that knows me, knows that I have been obsessed with Jazmine Sullivan since “Need U Bad”. There is a difference between being able to sing and being able to SANG. Jazmine…can SANG. This woman has a talent that noone can touch. I have never heard someone be able to sing her songs like her. She has an undeniable talent. I really wish that she would get the recognition that she deserves.

#3. Sharon Jones

She may be old school but Sharon Jones is my favorite. This girl blurrs the line between soul and funk which is absolutely beautiful. Those two genres put together is magnificent and she does it perfectly. You may have heard of her as “Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings”. If not, I advise you to check them out RIGHT NOW.

#4. Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona is definitely newer to the music scene but definitely should not be put to the side. Her vocals and lyrics are super strong and I think she personally is better than half of the female “talent” out there today. I say we give it some time and she will be out there rocking all the competitions worlds. Melanie just came out with her newest single “4am”, but below is my personal favorite.

#5. Chrisette Michele

I got the chance to see Chrisette live a few months back. I had always been a fan but never really dove too deep into her stuff. Let’s just say after that experience I went home and downloaded every single possible song I could find of hers. She is beautiful and so is her talent. SO very very underrated. She lacks the annoying egotistical hollywood look and personality a lot of other artists have. She is just a regular woman with an undeniable talent for telling stories in her music. That is my favorite.

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