French DJ-producer David Guetta teams up with Usher and stages a global takeover, moving mountains and pushing plate tectonics together to create a single connected landmass of love in his new ‘Without You’ music video.

The international lovefest kicks off at 6:07AM in Brazil with Usher belting out his desperate plea on a beautiful beach and Guetta DJ-ing an outdoor dance party. “I can’t win, I can’t reign/ I will never win this game/ Without you, without you … I won’t run, I won’t fly/ I will never make it by/ Without you, without you,” the mohawk-sporting R&B star sings.

The music travels to South Africa, Thailand and the States, eventually bringing all the continents together for one big ol’ super party and delivering a message of world peace and cross-continental camaraderie.

The standout single from Guetta’s ‘Nothing but the Beat,’ ‘Without You’ has thus far peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100, giving Guetta his highest ranking hit in the U.S. since he teamed up with Akon for his 2009 hit ‘Sexy Bitch.’

Guetta revealed in an interview with AOL Music that of all the superstars he has worked with, he has a special admiration for his ‘Without You’ collaborator. “It’s difficult to choose, but I have to say that when it comes to performing vocals, one of the most impressive sessions was with Usher, who was really like, ‘Wow!’ I was really thrilled by the way that he was performing the song. And hey, I understood I learned some things that day.”

Check out Ushers new video…