The woman lawyers and alleged victims refer to as “Miss Emma” admitted to hitting children at the J. Ruiz Learning Center in Miami and acknowledged the surveillance video showing her striking a child on the head and aggressively moving another child from her chair was indeed her.

Marc Pacin, the attorney suing the center on behalf of two mothers, asked “Miss Emma” if she has ever struck a child and she answered, “yes.”

She’s also seen in the video standing by as a scuffle between the kids breaks out. Trina Jackson’s 5-year-old daughter had a braid ripped out of her scalp during the fight and “Miss Emma” just stood by.

When asked why she didn’t try to break up the fight, “Miss Emma” responded, “They were just playing. They were just playing.”

Now Jackson has filed a civil lawsuit along with another mother alleging child neglect and abuse. The owner of the learning center, Jose Ruiz, was also deposed for several hours. After listening to “Miss Emma’s” deposition, Pacin asked Ruiz, “Is this grounds for dismissal?”

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