Now that Oprah Winfrey’s BFF, Gayle King, is leaving Oprah’s struggling OWN network for her own show on CBS, I’m hearing that Oprah is devastated.

A distraught Oprah allegedly begged her bestie not to abandon her OWN network and was reduced to tears when Gayle turned her back and walked out the door, sources told The ENQUIRER:

“Oprah is terribly hurt that Gayle could be so ungrateful,” a source revealed. “She begged Gayle not to go, but Gayle said she just couldn’t pass up the opportunity of a lifetime.

“And I think she stunned Oprah when she kept saying, ‘It’s a major network!’ ”

Despite her personal grief, Oprah is putting on a happy public face when discussing Gayle’s departure.

Even Gayle knows it’s time to jump ship…This OWN network is not going to go the distance, Oprah really needs to step her game up and give folks what they want.

What do you think, should Gayle stay or branch out and create her own brand?