WARREN, Ohio – A post on Twitter from a high school basketball player may keep him off the court.

Arthur Cook used to go to Euclid High School, but he moved to Warren in Trumbull County last year.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association said Cook tweeted last summer that he would be taking his talents to another school district.

The association ruled cook ineligible for a year, saying he left Euclid High School for a better basketball experience.

Cook’s family said he left to live with his dad after his parents split. And his attorney said the association has no right to keep him off the court.

“The basketball experience is rewarding in very many ways but one of those ways is his opportunities to help fund his college education and move forward,” said Cook’s attorney Sarah Baker.

And he can play — for now. Wednesday, a Trumbull County judge ruled the Harding High School student is allowed to play until a hearing in two weeks to determine his eligibility.

Cook is a straight-A student.

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Article Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5