A teenager who had forgotten her ID was raped and beaten into a coma after she was denied entry to a New Year’s Eve concert.

The 18-year-old woman was found bloodied and naked on a neighborhood sidewalk after being attacked by as many as six men, just a short walk from the Congress Theater in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood.

A theater employee said he watched the woman, who wasn’t allowed to enter the concert because she didn’t have any identification, walk across the street and sit down in front of a taco restaurant. Shortly after, she walked away with six young men, he said. Twenty minutes later, some of them returned to alert him there was a naked girl on the sidewalk.

The employee noticed blood on their pants, and called out for security as he went to investigate. Guards grabbed three of the men, who are being questioned by police.

The attack happened around 9:30, hours before electronic music artist Rusko was scheduled to take the stage at midnight. About 4,000 people attended the concert.

According to Assistant Public Cook County Defender Peter Bormes, who saw the suspects return to the theater (the woman’s handbag had landed in his driveway), the venue’s security is generally good, and there is little violence in the surrounding area.

Nearby residents tell a different story.

“A show like this usually attracts young suburban white kids that come into the city’s Logan Square neighborhood,” said one man, who asked not to be identified. “It’s still kind of a rough neighborhood in some places.”

Danny Medina, who has lived near the theater for almost 20 years, rushed outside after the attack. “There were a lot of people standing in front of a young lady,” he said. “She looked like she was wounded. She looked pretty bad.”

Medina says the theater should take more precautions to dissipate the violence. “They want to make their money, let them make their money, but let’s keep the neighbors safe and people safe and keep this from ever happening again.”

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