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Well did you say it or not? Thats the question thats been plaguing Republican Presidential hopefull Rick Santorum ever since a controversial video went viral of him at a town hall meeting in Iowa.  In the video Santorum is asked a question about welfare dependency and it sounds as if his partial response to the question was: “I don’t want to make Black people’s lives better by giving them someone else’s money.”  Santorum has been backpedaling in recent days and recently in an interview with CNN said: “I’m pretty confident I didn’t say black, what I think I, I started to say a word and jumbled it together….. I started to say something else but it wasn’t black” 

Well theres a good thing we have video in 2012.  Check out CNN’s Anderson Cooper in this video as he investigates further into what Rick Santorum really said.  Click here for the video

You be the judge, did he or didnt he?

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Source: CNN

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