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Talk about Watch What Happens Live, the King of the Real Housewives franchise, where shade runs rampant, Andy Cohen, allegedly was in the hot seat with CNN after making some too much to drink embarrassing shady comments during CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live, but now allegedly CNN is saying no harm no foul, Andy Cohen, will […]

In the midst of the tragic COVID-19 pandemic that has infected, as well as took the lives, of hundreds of thousands around the world, many look for that shimmer of light/hope in the rain drops of the storm. CNN’s Anderson Cooper has been standing tall keeping us informed through the coronavirus storm experiencing loss and […]

Georgia Gov. Kemp wants the ATL to start re-opening Friday, but Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman says she wants  casino and hotels opened up RIGHT NOW!! Mayor Goodman made CNN’s Anderson Coopers jaw drop, when she told Anderson Cooper that not only does she want casino’s open right now.  She is also offering for Vegas […]

The porn star went into detail about her alleged torrid affair with the President, but wouldn’t say if she had photos of the two to back up her claims.   Thanks to overtime in the Kansas vs Duke NCAA Elite Eight game, the anticipated 60 Minutes interview with adult film star star Stormy Daniels was a bit […]

Cohen and BFF Anderson Cooper are sure to bring their undeniable chemistry to the festivities.   Even though Halloween is still a few weeks away, the time has come to already start thinking about your New Year’s Eve plans. If you plan to stay home and ring in 2018 CNN has you covered, as the […]

Less than 24 hours after a controversial photoshoot featuring comedian Kathy Griffin and a bloody mock-up of Donald Trump’s severed head went viral, CNN has officially cut ties with its annual New Year’s Eve program co-host. According to a statement released by the network on its website and on Twitter, they “[had] terminated our agreement […]

Anderson Cooper is not a fan of Kellyanne Conway’s sunshiney spin habits. That much was obvious a few days before the election when he was probably thinking his fresh hell was almost over, and he asked her, “Don’t facts matter?” In the above clip, Cooper catches a perpetual grin (after 1:25) and nearly laughs due […]

Melania Trump sat down with CNN for an interview that will air on Monday evening. During the course of her discussion with Anderson Cooper, she appeared to suggest that Billy Bush was (at least) partially to blame for Donald Trump’s extremely lewd statements on a hot mic during a 2005 Access Hollywood episode. For sure, Bush […]

World renowned journalist, Anderson Cooper, was brought to tears at the reading of the names of the 50 victims to die at Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida this past weekend. Please watch, listen and respond responsibly ♫


The mothers of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice came together for the first time on Dec. 12  to sit for a joint interview with…

Thanks to CNN we have part of the transcript from the Donald Sterling interview with Anderson Cooper which will air Monday night at 8 PM…

Now we know that the six jury members in the George Zimmerman trial aren’t all on the same page. That’s because Tuesday evening, 4 of them made a point to distance themselves from statements that another juror made on CNN. Using court stationery, the four jurors issued a brief statement saying that the opinions expressed […]