We all know that Fox News has always been team Trump and CNN has always just reported the news as it is, where ever the chips may lay.  But check out this latest news flash, it’s being report that Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit in the tune of $475 million against CNN because he doesn’t believe […]

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms made the announcement that she was done after one term as mayor and would not be seeking reelection in 2022.  Keisha Lance Bottoms supports began singing Babyface’s hit ‘Where Will You Go’ and tearfully humming out ‘and who’s gonna love you like I do ♫’.  Keisha Lance Bottoms has been keeping the answer to that […]

Chris Cuomo is putting his money where his family is and according to Chris Cuomo his family comes first. What appears as residue from 45’s disdain for the ‘As The Cuomo’s of New York Turns’, CNN in response to actions taken by Chris Cuomo admitting to CNN that he had offered advice to his brother’s staff, which […]

This past Saturday marked the 20th year anniversary (for lack of a better way of saying it) of the September 11, 2021 terror attacks on the United States of America that killed almost 3000 people in New York City, Virginia, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Survivors as well as families of the ones that passed when the […]

When we were younger most people were taught to think before they speak, unfortunately people have gotten way too comfortable to speak whatever comes from the top of their head with the thinking of ‘you know what I meant’ or ‘I didn’t mean it like that’.  Well for former GOP senator and presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, because […]

Congratulations is in order as it is being reported that CNN’s political contributor Abby Phillip is moving up the ladder, as she will be the new anchor of “Inside Politics Sunday” from 8-9 a.m. on CNN, replacing John King starting January 24th. (John King will continue to host Inside Politics with John King weekdays) The 32 year […]

The historic year of 2020 has been anxiety filled for everyone with the COVID-19 pandemic, protests sparked by the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery to name just a few coupled with a president that instead of bringing unity to the country in our year of strife he has fanned the flames […]

Looks like today is not a good day for rapper Ice Cube after defending his intentions as it pertains to the Trump administration after Team Trump dumped the tea, Chris Cuomo from CNN invited Ice Cube to sit down in an interview to give his side of the story. However it looks like the powers […]

Terry Crews posted up with CNN’s Don Lemon in an interview to discuss the backlash Terry Crews took from his Black Lives Matter views he posted in a Tweet.  After viewing the interview the script flipped and now Don Lemon is catching heat for the comments he made. What was in debate is what should be/or was […]

Solidarity is everything when American’s are fighting for their physical as well as financial we beings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Who’s to blame for it does it matter?  Maybe.  Who predicted the pandemic, is that important?  Yes, but predictions were ignored, so we have to move forward.  That’s how life works you learn from lesson’s […]

In the midst of the tragic COVID-19 pandemic that has infected, as well as took the lives, of hundreds of thousands around the world, many look for that shimmer of light/hope in the rain drops of the storm. CNN’s Anderson Cooper has been standing tall keeping us informed through the coronavirus storm experiencing loss and […]

Georgia Gov. Kemp wants the ATL to start re-opening Friday, but Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman says she wants  casino and hotels opened up RIGHT NOW!! Mayor Goodman made CNN’s Anderson Coopers jaw drop, when she told Anderson Cooper that not only does she want casino’s open right now.  She is also offering for Vegas […]