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Looks like today is not a good day for rapper Ice Cube after defending his intentions as it pertains to the Trump administration after Team Trump dumped the tea, Chris Cuomo from CNN invited Ice Cube to sit down in an interview to give his side of the story.

However it looks like the powers that be at CNN said ‘hold up wait a minute’, that’s not going down today on our airwaves.

The news didn’t seem to come as a surprise to Ice Cube as he Tweeted the news saying that he was shocked to even be asked because he was banned from CNN months ago.

The question is, do we really believe that Trump is interested in dealing with systemic racism or a plan to uplift people of color?  Is Cube wrong for speaking for people of color?

Would you rather a racist that tells you what they are?  Or one that claims he’s not?  #IJS

Take a look at Ice Cubes video below

Ice Cube Confirms Politicking With Trump Administration, Not A Good Day On Twitter For Rap Icon
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