Chris Cuomo is putting his money where his family is and according to Chris Cuomo his family comes first. What appears as residue from 45’s disdain for the ‘As The Cuomo’s of New York Turns’, CNN in response to actions taken by Chris Cuomo admitting to CNN that he had offered advice to his brother’s staff, which […]

Looks like today is not a good day for rapper Ice Cube after defending his intentions as it pertains to the Trump administration after Team Trump dumped the tea, Chris Cuomo from CNN invited Ice Cube to sit down in an interview to give his side of the story. However it looks like the powers […]

CNN’s Chris Cuomo was diagnosed COVID-19 and he has been going the extra mile trying to report his progress in his personal fight with the pandemic as he is quarantined to the basement so that he wouldn’t infect his wife and 3 small children, unfortunately the odd’s were stacked against them as Chris Cuomo has […]

The breaking news of this evening is that is being reported that New York native, CNN journalist, 49 year old, Chris Cuomo, brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has tested positive for COVID-19. Chris Cuomo went LIVE to speak his own truth about his now own personal battle with the Coronavirus. “I tested positive. […]

Not this again!!  California State Senator Kamala Harris announced that she would be running for President in 2020 and now the haters are already coming for her. If elected Kamala Harris would not only the first female president, but she would be the first African American female president to run our country. Kamala Harris is a Oakland, […]

The celebrated anchor made the analogy during a SIRIUS radio interview on Thursday.   CNN anchor Chris Cuomo offered an apology after making a controversial comment that stirred up social media yesterday afternoon, POLITICO reports. During a Thursday interview with SIRIUS radio host Michael Smerconish, Cuomo likened use of the phrase “fake news” “as the equivalent of the n-word for […]

Radio host, comedian, and political analyst D.L. Hughley joined Chris Cuomo on CNN’s New Day to discuss race relations and what is next. Watch as D.L. Hughley compares Rudy Giuliani’s points on the Black Lives Matter movement to taking marriage advice from Kim Kardashian below. See full transcript from the interview below. This evening Hughley, […]

Former NBA player Dennis Rodman has apologized for a bizarre interview during which he screamed at CNN’s Chris Cuomo, slurred his words throughout and made the suggestion that American citizen Kenneth Bae is rightfully being held in a concentration camp on vague charges that he intended to topple the North Korean government, reports The Seattle […]

When it comes to foreign diplomacy, Dennis Rodman isn’t the first person you think of. However, the former basketball star is in North Korea with…