Eric Benet’s Theory On Why Men Cheat And Was He Really A Sex Addict (VIDEO)

Is Eric Benet Throwing Shade? He Tells Mag He Likes His Women Sane

March 9th, 2012 – By Brande Victorian


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I don’t know why magazine’s ask married men what they like in a woman. If they’re not on the market, who cares? And if they’ve got a suspect dating past that’s just asking for trouble. Case in point: Eric Benet.   

Sister 2 Sister magazine caught up with the singer this month and he told publisher Jamie Foster Brown the quality he likes most in a woman: “emotional stability.” Plus he added this:   

“Crazy is attractive, but you know … it’s dangerous.”   

Now the former sex addict swore up and down he wasn’t talking about his ex-wife Halle Berry in the interview but I call BS. Why mention her if you weren’t thinking about her when you made the comment? I can’t think of one man who’s ever named “emotional stability” as one of the qualities he was looking for in a woman without taking shots at his “crazy” ex in the process, and that’s pretty much what Eric is doing here. Halle Berry has been crowned Queen of the Crazies when it comes to the public’s view of her failed relationships, so as far as we’re concerned, he’s not sneaking that shade past us. Eric went on to say:   

“A lot of people may have, like, this unbelievably vindictive streak in them. Because somebody else isn’t really evolved, they may have done or said something that wasn’t so cool. A more emotionally evolved person would look at that and say, ‘Ok. You got some growing up to do. I’mma walk this way and keep moving in my positive direction.’ Someone who’s emotionally [un]stable will be like, ‘I’ll destroy you’ [laughter].”   

Halle and Gabriel Aubry?   

I don’t know what Eric or Sister 2 Sister‘s motive was with this one, but it reeks of shadiness to us. You can check out the full interview in the April issue, but what do you think of this snippet?   

Is Eric throwing shots at Halle on the low?   

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 Original Story   

In Sister 2 Sister’s October ’08 issue, R&B singer Eric Benét talks about his experience with sexual addiction counseling. Was he a sex addict or did his wife Halle Berry make him go? Read his full interview in the October ’08 issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine that features Eric and his girlfriend Manuela on the cover.