The Package: Size, Shape, or Technique… What Matters?

By QuickieChick | Love + Sex – 21 hours ago

Similar to women, penises have their own personalities- regardless of size and shape. Sure there are stereotypes and assumptions, but I know some seriously big-boobed, perfect bodied blonde chicks who aren’t more fun and couldn’t care less about sex, and some majorly mousy brunettes who have a wild streak like you’ve never seen!

No, I don’t believe that blondes are more fun just because they are blonde, especially in bed. (BTW, I am a blonde, and I have been a brunette). In fact, I have heard more stories from men about blondes, or pretty girls in general, who are the worst lays they have ever had because they just lie there like a dead fish, putting all of their eggs into their good looks to get the guy off, totally uninterested in technique, inner clenching at the right times, or even faking a few sounds for effect. They literally just lay there “looking pretty.” Ugh. And no fun for either of you.

So back to penises… same goes. Big, fat, long, straight, curved, thin… any one of them can be good in bed if the proper technique is applied.Or for the rest click below:

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