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Once undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, Mike Tyson, is back to knock people out with his new one-man show, Mike Tyson: UNDISPUTED TRUTH-Live on stage.

Mike, who is no stranger to controversy, will tell untold stories of how he handled tragedy, public backlash and situations that happened in and outside of the ring.

“We are excited to deliver an unmatched, exhilarating entertainment experience,” producer Adam Steck said in a press release. “Mike will have the chance to share his life story with the world, revisiting chapters the public may be aware of and revealing captivating accounts of some they may not. Both will leave audiences wanting more.”


Mike’s wife Kiki Tyson, who co-wrote the show, shared with S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown why Mike decided to get up on stage.

“When he goes overseas and he does his meet and greets, he talks to his audience and he tells them stories about his life and some are corny and heartfelt and others are hilarious and they love it,” she said. “He was like, ‘Baby, I can do this, I think I can really do this. I would love to be on stage and tell my story and do something like this.’”

The show will feature images, music and video that will unfold the turmoil to triumph life of Mike.

“It’s really eloquent and so beautifully done, and I’m so proud of him,” Kiki said. “I’m so proud of this. I think people are going to really be genuinely blown away and what I love about it is, he owns everything.”

The boxer who has been convicted of rape, accused of domestic violence and fighting dirty in the ring is telling the no-holds-barred story of his life.

“He’s not making it out like he was a saint and he realizes at times he wasn’t nice to people and he owns what he did,” she said. “But he’s also not going to own something he didn’t do, and he sets the record straight.”

Behind all of the controversy and mishaps, Mike, who has appeared in comedies like The Hangover, wants to show the audience that he has a funny bone.

“We’re trying to show people that he has a sense of humor. And you can pick that up from the show. There’s a lot of funny stuff, but there’s some moments too where you’re just like wow,” Kiki said. “It’s just a really nice roller coaster of emotions you’re going to go on with him as he shares his story.”

You can see Mike take on the stage from April 13-18 at the Hollywood Theatre at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.


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