If food, soda, medicine and bottled water have an expiration date, then one could make the argument that people have an expiration date.  But instead of ‘best used by’ or ‘expires’ stamped on us, we have little spots on our face.  At least that is what former heavy weight boxing champion of the world, Mike […]

We have heard so many stories over the years about the legendary former heavy weight champion boxer Mike Tyson now we are getting another story.  Hulu has just dropped the trailer for a biopic titled ‘Mike’ the unauthorized story of Iron Mike Tyson. ‘Mike’ that will be streaming on Hulu starting August 25th is an eight-episode limited series […]

Spare the rod and spoil the child otherwise when they become grown they might end up getting that spanking that you should have gave them as a child. Mike Tyson for the first time since the his JetBlue Flight Fight went viral, Mike Tyson sat down with lights, camera, action on for Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson podcast, spoke […]

It seems like the pandemic has caused people to lose their mind, with everyone wanting to be the next viral sensation and/or just wanting to fan out on Instagram, people run into celebrities and have increasingly gotten more and more disrespectful.  People like NeNe Leakes have been in the blogs for going in someone that […]

Wendy Williams made her bones in radio by asking people questions that most people wouldn’t touch.  The EXPERIENCE was very cut throat and the reason she is where she is today.  Shock Jock.  As an interview it’s hard to navigate questions from time to time because you don’t want to come off as messy or […]

SOUTHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Ohio– The Living Word Sanctuary Church in Warren got the keys to Mike Tyson’s former mansion three years ago. Since then, the 140 members have been working to turn the boxing champion’s Southington Township home and 60-acre estate into their house of worship. “If someone comes for that very reason, just to check […]