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Recently there been a few articles telling men, what women notice about them, at first glance. I did a quick search and there was nothing telling women what us men notice about them. Well ladies we notice more than just your face, butt and boobs. Click the read more button and find out just 10 things men notice about women.

Her Face: One of the first things men notice about a woman is her face. After the first glimpse we run a woman’s face through a series of tests. Is she pretty? Is she smiling? Does she look like a barracuda with ass and titties? Is she wearing make up? Numerous questions get answered in a matter of seconds. Luckily for women some men don’t care what a woman looks like. You can confirm this fact by looking at people’s Facebook pages and the pictures they upload. I call them Blank stare galleries.

Her Body: Depending on the type of man, and angle from which a man’s approaches a woman, her body can easily be the first thing a man notices about a woman. If she’s walking by, we can miss her face and only register her shape. Which isn’t a bad thing, spandex pants, leggings and tight jeans reveal a lot about a woman. I personally can care less about a woman’s body if her face isn’t up to my standards, but by the amount of men who consider a certain beastly tennis player a bad chick instead of a common bird, some men don’t give a damn about a woman’s face if her body is one point.

How She Is Dressed: I pay great attention to how a woman is dressed. If she’s in leggings and a tee shirt on a Monday morning it’s clear to me she had a wild Sunday night. This is my type of girl. If she is in club clothes at the crack of dawn, she’s probably somewhere in her walk of shame. If she’s always dressed in work clothes, chances are she doesn’t get enough dick in her life. Either way what a woman wears could essentially be the deciding factor if a man is going to holla or not.

How She Sounds: The way a woman speaks can put her from wifey status to jump off in a few sentences. While I have nothing against women from the hood, I do want my girl to know how to speak without sounding like a _Kosher parody. I’m around important people and while none of them judge, the words that come out of her mouth are just as important as how my penis feels when it goes into her mouth.

Her Hair: As far as her personality, you can tell a lot by a woman just by looking at her hair. If it’s done or not, If it’s real. For instance if a woman’s hair is worn in it’s natural state you can assume she’s more in touch with who she is. But on the flip side there is a difference between nappy natural and naturally straight. Both women put just as much time into their hair, but they see the world completely differently.

Her Nails: I look a woman’s nails. For me there is something about a woman who will shake a man’s hand with cracked nail polish without saying, “pardon my nails” or “I need to get a manicure” I think it says, I’m still a bad bitch and cosmetic bullshit doesn’t make me. Its one of the biggest turn ons in the world. Also a nice nail polish and pretty hands go a long way if her face isn’t up to par. I digress. Source: READ MORE HERE


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