Dr Oz. spoke with Montel Williams on his show recently. Although he’s been a regular on Dr. Mehmet Oz’s talk show, television personality and healthy living champion Montel Williams revealed a secret about his own health on today’s episode that he says he’s never said on air before.

In an emotional segment Williams teared up as he described to Oz how he underwent an unnecessary double mastectomy at the age of 19, the result of a torn pectoralis muscle that was misdiagnosed as male breast cancer. As a result, Williams says he now suffers from emotional eating, a habit that experts say may function as a precursor to eating disorders.

“People have heard me talk about this on air. It’s been recently diagnosed as emotional lability, which means that I can’t control my ups and downs … and when I feel that way, and I’m at home, I sneak food,”

Last year he shocked people with the below discussion of his attempted suicide.Watch the video below:

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