If you’re old enough to remember when the Jacksons last went on tour in 1984, then you remember what a fantastic tour it was. So it’s exciting news that the Jacksons will tour again with Jermaine, Jackie, Tito, Randy and Marlon all on board. Though they will obviously be without their brother Michael, the tour is in some respects a tribute to him.

“This is a dream coming true,” said Jackie Jackson. “I can’t believe this is finally happening. There’s nothing like having all the brothers on stage at the same time. This will be exciting for our fans around the world– and I know at each concert, MJ’s spirit will be in the house with us.”

Expect the Jacksons to pull out all the stops with all the great music they’ve recorded from their days as the Jackson 5 to their current incarnation as the Jacksons. With the legacy that they’ve created over the years as one of music’ s most famous and accomplished families, the Jacksons should be set to win their fans over yet again. Jermaine says that they won’t disappoint.

“I am so happy and excited to perform again onstage with my brothers,” he said. “I can’t wait to sing all the songs that were so much a part of all of our lives. We are ready and committed to keep the family’s legacy alive and perform once again with the highest level of excellence, creativity, and most of all, integrity.”


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