Will Smith doesn’t like to be kissed on the red carpet — especially by male reporters. While promoting Men in Black 3 in Moscow, a Ukrainian reporter asked Smith for a hug, he obliged only to find that same reporter trying to give him an open mouth kiss. Smith lightly smacked the man and later said he was “lucky I didn’t sucker punch him.” The Christian Post reports.

Will Smith smacked a reporter who kissed him one too many times on the red carpet of the “Men in Black 3” premiere in Germany Thursday. The actor didn’t take the move lightly, saying that he nearly “sucker punched” the man.

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Will Smith and the reporter kissed several times on the cheek on the red carpet as the actor made his rounds. However, the prankster, an unnamed Ukrainian reporter– usually tries to sneak in a kiss on the lips from various celebrities. The man tried to hold Smith in the hug for a bit too long, and the 43-year-old wasn’t having it.

“What the hell is your problem buddy?” Smith says angrily, shoving the white-clad man backwards. The reporter, surprised, stared at Smith as he walked away.

Article Courtesy of The Grio

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