Whitney Houston’s ‘companion,’ Raffles van Excel is speaking out about the late singer’s death. Excel was also the alleged photo leaker of Whitney in her casket.

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In an interview with British news outlet, the Sunday Mirror,the Dutch native gives an first hand eyewitness account of what went on in Whitney’s Beverly Hilton Hotel suite in the minutes after she died.

Quite frankly his recount of what happened is so vivid and visual, it’s mind blowing. Do you think he should be sharing such detail to the public? Source

He says what he saw still keeps him awake at night and will be forever etched on his mind.

When Raffles van Exel saw Whitney Houston’s bodyguard frantically pumping her chest, he ­immediately knew she was dead.

The singing legend was naked as she lay rigid on a sodden beige carpet.

Water from the fast-running tap was still pouring out of the bath, forming an eerie, transparent frame around her.

It was an ill-fitting, ignominious end for a woman who was once the best-selling female artist of all time.

Raffles instinctively ran for a towel and covered the bottom half of her body as her devastated bodyguard Ray Watson stood up and began crying into his hands.

Today Raffles becomes the first person in Whitney’s tight inner circle to break the silence ­surrounding her tragic death in February at the age of 48.

In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Mirror, he tells how she hid her drug habit from those ­closest to her in the weeks before she died, and how she seemed to have a ­premonition about her end.

“Whitney was good at hiding her drug habit,” Raffles says. “I ­honestly thought she was clean in the two years before she died.

“Yes, she would have the occasional drink. And I knew she was taking painkillers and the anxiety drug Xanax. But I never suspected she was using hard drugs.

“It really shocked me when I found that out. And actually it made me quite mad because I thought, ‘Whitney, you had us all fooled.’

“Everyone thought Whitney was in a good place and we never ­imagined anything like this was going to happen.”

He adds: “But looking back, Whitney seemed to have a premonition about her death. She started carrying a Bible around everywhere she went and would read from it all the time.

“Also, she kept talking about ‘leaving’ America. I thought she meant she was going to Switzerland, where she had talked about living, but now I realize she meant she was leaving this world.”

Read more of this incredibly vivid and visual account of the event’s after Whitney’s death at Sunday Mirror.

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