Mike Tyson took TMI to a whole new level this morning.

It was a classic case of overshare when the former boxer made a point to inform a live TV audience that he had his fair share of venereal diseases and prostitutes.

Appearing on “Today” with Spike Lee to promote their new Broadway show “Mike Tyson: The Undisputed Truth,” the one time heavyweight champ got defensive right off the bat when host Ann Curry said this was Tyson’s first-ever visit to the NBC show.

Tyson corrected her, saying he was on when Bryant Gumbel was the host. “Don’t throw me under the bus like that,” he said, apparently believing Curry was criticizing his absence from the show so far.

For Curry, things went from uncomfortable to downright bumpy when she asked Tyson to elaborate on his decision to become vegan. Let’s just say he went on one hell of a tangent with his answer.

“I just threw up the white flag,” he said. “There was too many prison cells, jails, lawsuits, bankruptcies, women, venereal diseases, too many everything. I got tired of umm, every time a prostitute girlfriend came back from a trip I had to sleep with them.”

Sensing his friend was venturing into embarrassing territory, Lee stopped Tyson by grabbing his shoulders and shouting, “Wait a minute, wait a minute!” But Tyson continued on, shouting, “I was a prostitute hunter!” As Curry was wrapping up the segment and saying her goodbyes, he interrupted her to squeeze in the declaration, “I had horrible love affairs, and always cheated on my wife.”

Watch below.

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