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9 Little Gestures He Wishes You’d Do

By Redbook

CoupleParticipate in his hobbies

Couples who play together stay together. Next time your hubby goes for a bike ride, strap on a helmet and join him, or grab the second controller and have him teach you how to improve your ranking in Assassin’s Creed. Tariq K., 30, says, “Participate in my hobbies. I think it would be constructive if my significant other were into doing what I like to do.”

Bring him dessert from your girls dinner

Yes, you would like to see the dessert menu, thank you. “I’d like it if she’d bring me dessert from her girls dinner out because I have a sweet tooth, and I’d like an extra dessert every now and then,” says Peter M., 36. Next time he’s home babysitting while you’re munching on lettuce wraps at P.F. Chang’s with the girls, remember to bring home a little (or big) slice of appreciation.

Reenact your introduction

Travel back in time to the fateful moment you met. Go to the boardwalk you met at in college, or simply relive the circumstances. “[I like my wife to] smile and wink at me [from afar], because that’s how we first met,” shares Allen C., 35.

Be his personal masseuse

Giving his back some TLC can speak volumes about how much you care. Tom N., 23, explains, “It shows that she wants me to feel better after having a long day.” Stephen C., 26, agrees: “I’d like a full back massage without asking, because my back hurts every day.”

Surprise him in the kitchen

John C., 32, says, “I’d like a girl that cooks. I’m a chef, so I cook all day, and it would be nice to come home and not have to cook. It would be nice for a girl to say, ‘Oh, you’re a chef? I’m going to cook you dinner.’ Or let me teach you how to cook; that’s what I do on dates.” Even if you’re not involved with a chef, no man can resist a tasty home-cooked meal.

Kiss him, The Notebook style

Ignite the spark the moment you walk in the door. “It’s always great when she comes home, barely says hi, and gives me a real kiss instead of just a little kiss on the cheek,” says Michael T., 32.

Take control of date night

Put the “I dunno, what do you wanna do?” debate to rest and plan a night for your man ahead of time. George C., 35, suggests, “Take me out to dinner. Plan the date and pay for everything so I don’t have to worry about a thing.”

Plan happy hour at home

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so it’s only fitting to bring up food once more – and this time, add a bottle of vino. Stephen T., 44, says, “[I love when my wife] prepares an Italian appetizer plate and opens a great bottle of wine when I get home from work. It allows us a great time to just unwind and talk about the day.”

Be on-time, for once

Sometimes the best gesture isn’t even a gesture at all. Surprise him with something you should do more often: being on-time. Joe, 34, says: “Some things I wish my wife would do more of: cuddle time, sexy time, and most of all, run on time!” Lucky for you, chunky watches are in – no more excuses!


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