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Season 3 of “Braxton Family Values” could be a healing season for Towanda Braxton.

The reality star told Sister 2 Sister that this time around, she wants to put it all out there and share with the world some of those deeply seeded issues no one really knows about.

“I can’t wait to really expose my life in season 3,” she said. “There are some deep-rooted situations that I do want to talk about, situations that women go through all the time.”

One of those heavy topics include her marriage to Andre Carter, who she says she is “sorta-kinda” married to.

“I look at it like everything in love is fixable unless they’re beating your behind. You have to exhaust all of your options. Although I’m 97 percent out of my options, at least I’m trying,” she said. “We do not have a horrific situation. I’m just trying to work it out or figure it out because we have small children. Sometimes you have to take the bitter with the sweet when it comes to your family. That’s where I am.”

The sisters have turned quite a few heads since beginning the show because of the drama they’ve got. But Towanda and her sisters believe, based on fan mail, that they truly are helping people by being transparent.

“I have thick skin,” Towanda said. “They can’t make me or break me. All they have is an opinion. All I have is what works for me and my own healing.”

Check out a preview of season 3 below.

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