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Daytime television will get a little crowded next month with the premieres of several new talk shows – but only one will feature a host who has done it all before – and to great success.

“I’ve come a long way,” said Ricki Lake at a TCA panel for “The Ricki Lake Show,” which premieres next month. “I have been rich. I have been poor. I have been fat. I have been thin. I mean, I feel like I’ve had this life experience, and I’m an open book. I haven’t walked in anybody else’s shoes but mine, but I do think I’ve had quite an interesting journey, and I’m certainly willing to talk about it. I think that’s what matters, being authentic.”

Ricki hopes her candid personality will catch on again when her new talk show premieres Monday, Sept. 10 on FOX – the same day as Katie Couric’s new daytime program debuts on ABC and “Survivor” host Jeff Probst begins his daytime run on NBC.  And don’t forget, Steve Harvey launches his NBC talk show on Aug. 28.

Ricki says there’s enough room for all of them in the daytime landscape.

“These shows are all personality driven. So this show that Katie Couric is going to do, or Steve Harvey is going to do, is not the show that we are going to do,” she said. “So, yes, there’s a lot of competition right now, but I think we are just focused on doing the best show that we can for the audience that grew up with watching me and then some.”

Below, Ricki addresses all of her OG fans looking to dust off their “Go Ricki” chant from the original show.

Below, a promo for “The Ricki Lake Show,” premiering Sept. 10 on FOX.

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