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Cicely C. Mitchell

Sometimes the lives we lead can leave us feeling unbalanced and out of sorts. There are too many obligations and not enough time for ourselves. Sometimes we are left feeling a bit off-kilter. Luckily there are ways you can regain that “pep in your step” and become centered fast. Check out ways that you can achieve emotional balance!

1. Sing it loud and sing it proud!

Whether it is your favorite current hip hop song, a spiritual from church or that theme music that encourages you, sing out the song that gives you vitality, strength and balance! According to a study, singing along to your favorite tune can boost your mood! So belt it out Brother and sing it loud Sister!

2. Find that quiet place and peacefully retreat there.

Do you have a quiet corner in your home? A quiet room? Do you spend time meditating? Sometimes shutting off the world is a good thing. Turn off the cell phone or computer. Don’t touch that dial on the t.v. Instead take some quiet time to reflect on your day, think of all of the goodness around you and dream of the possibilities! Focus on your breathing and if your mind wanders, that is OK. Find a thought, a thought of goodness and soon you will be centered within it. Then that thought will be matched with other good thoughts and soon you will have a snowball of goodness in your head!

3. Cheese it!

According to a study, workers who flash a real (not fake or pasty) smile can boost their joy. The reason behind this is because a real grin makes you tap into a pleasant memory, thought or hope. The smile can also help to increase your mood-boosting dopamine levels. So SMILE!

4. Don’t hide from the hugs!

Grab a quick cuddle with a loved one and hug it out! Hugging has been known to lover blood pressure as well as heart rate! Think about it. When you hug someone, you instantly feel better so grab that special someone and hug him or her!

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