Is Your Sexual Partner Number Really that Important?


What’s Your Number?

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I’ve never shared it with anyone. I’ve never seen the point to. It’s as relevant to me as the Boston Red Sox. What could it possibly determine? What could it possibly mean? I’ve had a lot of partners? Yeah — so what? Who hasn’t?

I don’t share my number because I don’t even know it. That isn’t because my number is some insane, incalculable amount. I remember the good ones, I remember what’s important, and what actually meant something.

But as for my number, it means nothing, and yours should not either. The same goes for your partner/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/prospective lover.

Most people get ridiculed day after day because of a silly number. Regardless of if you’ve had sex with supermodels or Alex Rodriguez, the present is what matters; the present meaning — today. You’re not going to marry A-Rod or Gisele, I mean, unless you’re Tom Brady of course but that dude can throw a football one hundred yards. Where I’m getting at is that just because you’ve had a past filled with the likes of gorgeous people, countless one night stands, and multiple partners, doesn’t mean that is who you are or who you will become.

It’s what you’re doing now that matters. What matters even more is the last number to make its way on your list. What else are we doing here people? Everyone’s searching for love, whether they care to admit it or not. Some search differently than others, others more than some.

If your significant other’s number gets bigger while you’re together, than that’s a bit of a problem. Otherwise, don’t read into it too much. Brush it right off your shoulders. People have meaningless sex all the time, hence the large numbers we have. It’s what else is going on that matters. It is what he or she is doing with you that he or she hasn’t done with any of those however many others.

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Let’s not cry over spilled milk or make a mountain out of molehills. People have pasts. There is nothing anyone can do about that unless you’re driving a DeLorean. I don’t think they sell those at the car dealership near you. Don’t let your partner’s number become your number one concern. Don’t let it haunt the relationship you’ve built.

There isn’t much else left to say about this topic. A number is just a number. The only number that matters is you. One.


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