Kim Kardashian and Kanye West might be ready to take their relationship to the next level by getting a place together!

As the fashionably coordinated couple dodges constant rumors of engagement, reports that Kim and Kanye are house hunting in Miami.

Although they only went public with their relationship in March, sources close to the couple claim that Kim and Kanye have been thinking about getting a place together for months. Miami would be the ideal location since they both like the city and Kim will soon be shooting a reality show with her sister Kourtney there.

Supposedly, Kim and Kanye would prefer a waterfront mansion for between $7 million and $10 million, and they checked out four different homes on Monday.

Meanwhile, there are whispers that Kim is wrestling with some difficult emotions over news that her ex-beau Reggie Bush is expecting a baby with his girlfriend Lilit Avagyan. A source close to the reality star told that Kim is “very upset” about it.

“Kim had pressured Reggie for a very long time to get married while they were together because she wanted to have a family with him,” the insider claims. “Reggie just thought that Kim placed too much of a priority on her fame and reality television though and he wanted none of it.”

Though they had their share of breakups and makeups, Kim and Reggie were together for about five years overall. “She feels it is a slap in the face that Reggie would consider having a baby with this woman when he wouldn’t with her,” the source said.