14 Reasons Why Winter is the Worst Season for Dating

By Smitten, Glamour Magazine 

 It is officially the first day of winter which means that fall, my personal favorite season for dating, is over. And unfortunately, it’s replaced by the worst three-month period for romance of the year as far as I’m concerned. Sure, it has its redeeming qualities–romantic ice skating and hot cocoa dates, rosy cheeks, men in scarves (my favorite!)–but it has so many, many more downers in the world of love. From the freezing temperatures to the unfortunate physical side effects, here is a collection of things about winter that make dating just a little less fun:

1. Unflattering winter coats and layers.

 2. No matter how much snuggling and cuddling you do, it’s still too cold to really want to take your clothes off.

 3. And it’s definitely too cold for a sexy peek of skin in your outfit. What am I supposed to attract men with, my wit and charm? (JK. Kind of.) 

4. Speaking of skin, winter skin: Pasty, dry, flaky. Sexy…

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