How to Make a Marriage Last: Real Couple Secrets

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Prioritize time for yourselves. My husband’s hobby is running and mine is performing stand-up comedy. We plan vacations around his marathons, and he attends all of my shows. We love our date nights, but everyone needs something that matters just to them.” — Caroline and Scott Ceniza Levine, together since they were 17

Humor feeds our minds, so we try to keep each other laughing. We send silly texts and pictures all day long to make each other smile.” — Abbie Gale and James Sancrant, together since they were 18

Our marriage is successful in no small part due to couples therapy. It’s the best money we’ve ever spent. Sometimes another set of eyes on your relationship can help you untangle the things that seem impossible.” — Cynthia and Frank Bailey, together since they were 18

After you say ‘I’m sorry,’ there are no more grudges. We try not to hold things in, so if there’s a problem, we say it, discuss it, listen, and then apologize. The key is being able to accept your differences and opinions and move on.” — Lori and Andrew Osterberg, together since they were 17

Act like your marriage is a job. Treat it as if you were climbing the corporate ladder. Address your challenges, work overtime when needed, and plan meetings to discuss how you’re doing. It’s the most important gig you’ll ever have!” — Jenny and Rufus Triplett, together since they were 16

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