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Keyshia Cole

According to, shortly after Beyonce performed what will be the most talked about halftime in Super Bowl history, R&B singer Keyshia Cole took to her Twitter page to dissect the performance of Beyonce’s group mate Michelle Williams.

At first everything seemed normal. Like so many millions of sports fans watching the Super Bowl, Keyshia was swept up in the fever of the moment as Beyonce owned the stage.

keyshia Cole tweet

But then this random tweet popped up on Keyshia’s Twitter account:

keyshia Cole tweet

Minutes later, I received an urgent direct message from an insider informing me that Keyshia’s Twitter account was compromised, and asking me to tell my Twitter followers that Keyshia’s Twitter would be restored momentarily. I did as I was told because Keyshia is my girl and all.

Then this tweet taunting Keyshia’s Haters appeared on Keyshia’s Twitter account… and it was co-signed (or retweeted) by Keyshia’s husband, Daniel Gibson. Confusion reigned as Keyshia’s camp scrambled to confirm that Keyshia’s Twitter was indeed hacked.

keyshia Cole tweet

That tweet was followed by this sobering tweet that drove home the sad reality for Keyshia’s heartbroken fans who wanted to believe her Twitter was hacked:

keyshia Cole tweet

Needless to say, Black Twitter erupted in a firestorm of rage aimed at Keyshia Cole. The backlash caused Twitter to bend and almost break several times. I still don’t know what happened (no one is answering their phones). But hopefully this mess will be cleared up by morning.

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