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I’d Rather Just Sleep:  Stats About the Sex Lives of Parents

By Babble.com

8 Reasons Being Married is Just Better (thumbnail)

1. How often would you like to have sex?

The majority, 49%, would like to snuggle up “a few times a month.” Only a 1/4 would like to play a few times a week, while the remainder are happy with it as often as when the clocks change.

  1. 2. Are you satisfied with your sex life?

    Ah, yes. Counterbalancing expectation with reality. Only 1/4 of respondents were truly disappointed with the intimacy in their relationship. Most, 37%, were happy with how things play out, while 35% admit it is okay but needs improvement.

    3. How often do you do it?Okay, nitty gritty time. We know what you’d like, we know if you’re satisfied with what you have – but what do you have, exactly?
    Only 6% of us are bunnies, 10% of us are basically abstaining. The rest are divided equally between “once in a while” and “regularly”. When you compare that to the previous questions, it seems like regularly is okay, but once in a while could use some improvement.
    4. How long did you wait after kids before having sex again?
    I don’t think we need to ask Jessica Simpson this question. Nearly 3/4 were getting frisky less than 6 months after kids, while half of that group, 37% overall, getting back at it less than 2 months after the kids were born.
    5. Have you ever cheated on your partner?
    I always remember how Dr. Phil defines cheating: “if you wouldn’t do it with your partner standing beside you, it’s cheating.” So that moves into office flirting, online chat rooms and more. 16% of respondents to this survey admit they have strayed. However is it the Bill Clinton definition, or Dr. Phil’s?

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