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It’s been a rather long and drama-filled season for the Real Housewives of Atlanta stars and in a few weeks, we’ll get to see it all hashed during the show’s reunion special, which according to a not-so-optimisitc Kandi Burruss, was filmed yesterday.

“Well, we’re shooting the #RHOA reunion on weds. Im NOT looking 4ward 2 it. I can already c its gonna b DRAMA. Arguing makes my stomach turn,” the “Prayed Up” singer tweeted.

Meanwhile on the other side of town, there was a Real Housewives of Atlanta star extra throwing a tantrum over not even being invited. The “ex-boyfriend” of former Miss USA, Kenya Moore felt slighted that Bravo did not invite him to the reunion show and had no qualms with lamenting over it via his Twitter page.

“Yeah I think TV meaning (Br_) is scared of me, they can’t control me and they can’t tell me what to say, So that’s y they WON’T INVITE me,” he tweeted.

“I don’t think they want YOU to hear the truth about a certain person now that THEY KNOW the truth, but they will let her make up lies on air.”

“Notice I’ve been real quiet for a while. But they keep on letting “you know who” lie and jab at me on air and want me to keep quiet!! WOW”

Yes ladies, he’s still crying over not being able to “fully” expose Kenya Moore. One would think that his coming out and telling the world that she asked him to play her boyfriend for television purposes would’ve been enough, but apparently not. He also had a few words to say about Kenya and what appears to be her portrayal of him in her recently released “Gone with the Wind Fabulous” music video.

“I guess certain people have to keep FAKING it till they make it and MILK whatever else to be seen as a trending topic.”

“It would be too easy for me to go H*A*M on certain people, especially when they are trying to be seen and trashy! Wow some people ‘NO CLASS’”

“Let’s make one thing clear I never got a check, I never got any cash or anything! I did it ‘Because I THOUGHT I was helping out a FRIEND!’”

“Think about this, do I have a tow video or how to tow cars video coming out? ‘NO’”

“Trust me I agreed to do it because I thought I was helping out a friend at the time!”

“15 minutes of fame to me means you would know me better “Walter”and I’m fake dating a certain person.THAT’S IT! I got nothing else.”

Amazing how the man whining about not being invited to a reality television reunion show is the same one who claims that he isn’t thirsting to extend his 15 minutes of fame. Let us not forget about when he begged Andy Cohen to allow him to be a guest on Watch What Happens Live so that he could further “expose” Kenya. Boy bye.

What do you think? Should Walter have been invited to the reunion show?

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