The verdict is in in the case of former RTA bus driver Artis Hughes and it is guilty!  Hughes pled “no contest” to charges filed against him in Shaker municipal court after the incident involving passenger Shi’dea Lane and the judge found him guilty of assault.  The sentence has yet to be handed down, but Hughes could face up to a $1,000 fine, six months in prison or five years probation. A judge has not set a sentencing date at this time.

LOCAL: RTA Driver, Passenger Each Facing Charges in Uppercut Fight

LOCAL: RTA Driver Speaks Out on Uppercut Fight

Rumor has it that Shi’dea is now planning to sue! Do you think that she should or do you believe that she was the cause of the drama in the first place? Take our poll

Cleveland RTA Releases Statement, Bus Driver Suspended After Viral Video Of Uppercutting Girl [WATCH VIDEO]