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From time to time, we turn to you, our community, for input on topics of the day that leave us troubled. From pillow butted imitations of Serena to crass tweets on election night, you’ve helped us dissect some real head-scratchers in the past. We thank you and are so glad you’re here to help us with this one.

Recently, Mountain Dew released a new commercial featuring the members of musical group, Odd Future and a goat… named Felicia. It has all the makings of a bad racist joke:

“Five black guys and a goat stand in a line up…” Cud chewing and jive talking, the goat threatens bodily harm to a blonde haired, blue eyed, badly beaten white woman while the other men (all of whom are black men, by the way) stand passively, waiting to be ID’d. If the visuals don’t jar you, then the goat’s voice probably will.

We’re already seeing some backlash brewing. Here are some of the responses popping up:

In the comments of the video:

I really wish she would have said, “I can’t do this” toward participating in this racist and awkwardly bizarre commercial.”

deeply disturbing. mountain dew, wtf is wrong with you?”

On Tumblr:

“…fools must exist among us. It’s a fact of life. But when corporate businesses give said fools corporate cash to continue racial stereotypes as a way to appeal to consumers, well, that kind of validation hurts all of us in the long run.”

Who the f**k co-signed this bullsh*t! I would be embarrassed for these men for participating in this! No amount of money is worth my dignity! 2013 and we still got bullsh*t like this not only going on but still being accepted and even praised. SMDH!! Its a good thing I don’t drink Mountain Dew!”

And of course, Dr. Boyce Watkins:

“One side of the glass is mostly criminal, 100% black. The other side of the glass consists of the “good guys,” nearly all of whom are white… Mountain Dew has set a new low for corporate racism. Their decision to lean on well-known racial stereotypes is beyond disgusting. This doesn’t even include the fact that the company has put black men on par with animals.”

No petitions have been seen yet… but we’ll keep you posted.

What do you think? Is this commercial racist? Are people overreacting or should Mountain Dew (and Odd Future) be forced to apologize? Does this call for a boycott?


Article Courtesy of The Huffington Post

Picture Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5

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