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So, for those who missed the news this weekend, Kanye is getting ready to drop a new project entitled “Yeezus” and no we are not joking. The 35 year-old father to be is truly using that as a title.

As we previously reported, Kanye debuted the new song from the “Yeezus”  project called “New Slaves” on Friday night on the sides of 66 different buildings around the world.

And to cap his weekend off, On SNL  he performed both “New Slaves” and another new song called “Black Skinhead” in which he brings up Kimmy K. 

Take a look!

When we see this darker Ye, it’s sort of hard to know if this is him playing toward his current persona in the media, or if he’s truly feeling this type of anger and upset toward the world. But either way, he will have people who absolutely love it and him or people who feel the complete opposite and think he’s just throwing tantrums and behaving badly.  It will either be hailed as creative genius or condemned as noise from a man close to a nervous breakdown. But maybe being polarizing was the point. Maybe that’s what he was going for.

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