AT&T is at it AGAIN!

The company has added a NEW administrative fee of 61 cents to your monthly bills from May 2013. It is viewed as an attempt by the telecom giant to enhance its annualized revenues make shareholders on Wall Street more damn money!

This below-the-line charge is applied for certain extra operational expenses such as interconnection, cell site rents and maintenance. AT&T expects this extra charge to bring in additional revenues of around $350 million in 2013 and another half a billion in 2014. WOW!

These fees generally appear at the bottom of the phone bill and mostly remain unnoticed by the customers. This allows the operators to claim lower-priced services.

Public interest group Free Press has criticized the company’s decision as this below-the-line fee is believed to be an attempt by the company to increase its prices. Public knowledge, another defender of consumer interest, has also said that insufficient competition in the telecom market and no regulatory hurdles on charging additional fees allow operators to impose such additional charges.

AT&T says rival carriers have been doing this for a very long time and customers were given 30 days prior notice about the increased fees. Notably, rival Verizon charges an administrative fee of 90 cents, while Sprint has been charging $1.50 per subscriber for the last 5 years. However, T-Mobile US does not charge any administrative fee.

via BMS