Sharing friends. Look, of course you should have your friends and your significant other meet. And of course you want them to like each other and get along! But I’m just saying do you really want them to BECOME FRIENDS unless you know FOR CERTAIN that you won’t wind up in a custody battle situation down the road? They’re your friends, not your family – they can pick and choose who they are friends with and it doesn’t have to be you! Plus, he is definitely better at knowing about cool new restaurants than you are and has none of the baggage that you and Jenn have from that little spat a few years back over that cute bartender you both hooked up with.

Sharing secrets. “But Laura! A relationship is built on trust!” That may be true, but a breakup is built on revenge. The only way, and I do mean the ONLY way you should divulge any of your darkest secrets is if he also divulges a secret of equal heft. Or you could find yourself moving out of the apartment you prematurely shared, stressing out about finding a new place AND terrified that he’ll tell everyone that you wet the bed well into your twenties. And meanwhile the worst you’ve got on him is that he cried during the Notebook.

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