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STRONGSVILLE – Police confirm yet another threat has been found at a Strongsville public school making this the third threat of violence to be made in one week.

Over the phone, Strongsville police told NewsChannel5 the third threat was discovered in more graffiti found at Strongsville High School Thursday.

The school will remain open Friday but authorities said with the same police presence that was at the school on Thursday.

A police dispatcher did not describe where that third threat was discovered.

On Wednesday, Strongsville High School officials notified police after a threat was found written on a ladies’ restroom stall.

The threat said, “Not a joke. I am bringing guns to school tomorrow. Revenge for getting bullied. You will all pay.”

School remained open Wednesday. Two days before that authorities closed Strongsville’s preschools, elementary schools and the high school due to a bomb threat.

Then, graffiti that included the word “bomb” was painted on the outside of the Strongsville High School building.

A former Strongsville student, Stan Lakarev told NewsChannel5 the last time he heard of a threat at the high school was about six years ago when he was a student there.

Speaking to us Thursday night about a third threat discovered, Lakarev said, “I do think this should be taken pretty seriously and not lightly.”

Since he graduated, Lakarev said, “There’s actually never been any trouble besides the strike this past year and now these two threats. So small stuff like this just keeps adding up, I do think it should be taken seriously.”

A father of two in the high school, Tim Tusick said Thursday evening, “I think it’s kids just wanting to get out of school.”

Tusick said he sent both of his children to school Thursday but told us his children only had a few students in their classrooms.

“They only had five or six kids in each of their classrooms so I mean, if it’s going to be the same thing tomorrow, I think the educational day was lost,” said Tusick adding that his daughter has been studying for tests she’s supposed to take on Friday.

Showing concern for education, he said, “It’s very disappointing. It’s a bummer. With that strike last year and then this is going on this year, it’s just got to get better.

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