*Documentary producer Glenn Towery of Fairy Godbrother Productions is totally through with Charles Barkely and Shaquille O’Neal.

And why is that you ask? Because, during a discussion on TNT post game show Thursday night, while discussing the Matt Barnes’ Tweet of the N-word, the two ex-ballers turned NBA analysts admitted they use the word and didn’t have a problem with Barnes or even Richie Incognito for that matter, using the word … in the locker room that is.

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Well, as you can guess, Mr. Towery isn’t cool with the word and is really, really miffed at Barkley & Shaq:

I just watched NBA (on TNT Thursday night) and was appalled to hear Charles Barkley and Shaquille Oneal say that it was okay to use the “N” word on national television.

It was so crazy. I just sat there looking at the television dumbfounded. I could not believe the words that were coming out of Charles mouth. He said it with purpose.

He said it with conviction. My soul sunk and a heaviness began to fill my heart as Charles talked for nearly ten minutes extolling the virtues of Black men and even white men (if they are friends) to use the “N” word in the locker room or when they are just simply hanging out being guys. Shaq became his amen corner.

All felt lost.

Then a ray of truth appeared. A light in the form of one Isiah Thomas. His statement was eloquent and showed just how trivial, jaded and out of the loop many of our so-called super star athletes have become. Mr. Thomas stated in his own words why using the “N” word was wrong and he did it in such an amazing way that I am urging you to find a way to see what was said by all parties in this debate during tonight’s broadcast. All I can say is I am very proud of Isiah Thomas.

Shaq and Charles, you both need to get a reality check. What do you call your children, your mom and your dad? Really?! Do you call them the “N” word as a term of endearment?!….. Ump! I don’t care who you are people. “Respect the Sacrifices of Your Ancestors, Your family members and friends – Don’t Use The “N” Word.

If you didn’t see Barkely and O’Neal’s comments, watch below. In the meantime, you can feedback to Glenn Towery via



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