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*Ah the blame game. What ever would we do without it?

Now L.A. Reid has joined former wife Perri “Pebbles” Reid in blaming TLC for contributing to the demise of their marriage.

Surely you recall Pebbles more than alluding to this on The Wendy Williams Show last week.

Hey, since none of us was there, we can’t agree or deny with anybody. But of course we do have an opinion: if a marriage is strong in the first place, no group is going to come between that!

TLC wanted Pebbitone out of their lives and the only way they could get out was to file bankruptcy,” L.A. expressed during a past interview with New York Magazine.

Hmmm…so you’re saying they were just pretending to be bankrupt?

He went on to say, TLC was “one of the breaking points in my marriage.”

When radio host Frank Ski asked Pebbles whether or not she regretted bringing TLC to LaFace Records, she responded:

“I would not sign them to LaFace because what happened there, in my opinion, was horrific because you tore my family up with this. This tore my family up. Now my G-code kept me quiet, but it was a whole bunch of dirtiness.”

And of course, she continued to defend herself against allegations that she robbed TLC

“How do you take somebody’s money? Even if you think I’m a crook, I don’t have the money bag. Do you really think out of BMG, Arista, CLive Davis…Pebbles has the money bag? We’re at the bottom. Money flows from the top,”she said.

Sound bite? We thought so. Here ya go!



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