Myth #1: People in a healthy relationship never fight. False! Everyone in happy relationships find themselves embroiled in spats now and again, which is normal and healthy because it means you’re speaking up, voicing your opinion, and trying to resolve things that irk you. However, if you find yourself in daily screaming matches or knee-deep in jealousy, accusations, or negativity, it may be time to reassess your seemingly healthy relationship.

A good means of measurement? Research has shown that for every argument or unpleasant confrontation, you should experience four to five feel-good encounters.

Myth #2: People in a healthy relationship have to share all the same interests. While it’s fantastic to share some interests, most healthy relationships flourish when each party has things to enjoy that their partner might not. Not only does this provide necessary time apart, but it also opens the door for each of you to potentially teach the other about things you’re into. If you’re feeling like you and your partner really don’t share any commonalities, try choosing one thing to unequivocally do together-a cooking class, weekly trips to a museum, bike riding on Sundays, etc.

Myth #3: People in a healthy relationship have sex constantly (and it’s always amazing!) Laughing yet? This myth can definitely be busted, as most people in healthy relationships aren’t jumping into bed every single chance they get. In fact, the frequency of sex should be less of a concern as the quality. Of course, if you’re really not happy about the way things are going in the bedroom, talk about it-people in healthy relationships aren’t mind-readers, either.

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