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CLEVELAND – A smartphone app to make it easier to find parking in downtown Cleveland has come under fire in Cleveland for safety reasons.

Parker by Streetline identifies open meter parking spaces and parking lot spaces so drivers can easily get to them. It’s part of a pilot program with the city of Cleveland launched in November.

Once you select your location, the app will then turn your phone into a GPS and navigate you there.

People looking to make downtown more inviting for pedestrians and cyclists met at the Old Stone Church Wednesday evening.

Concerns were voiced about the use of mobile devices by those using the app while doing what someone looking for a parking space would be doing – driving.

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Estimates are some 14,000 people live downtown, with that number expected to swell to 25,000.

Mixing the two groups, drivers using the app with more cyclists and walkers, could cause harm some at the meeting said.



Article and Picture Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5

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