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Janet Hubert *Former “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” star Janet Hubert is using legal action to help cover treatment for “intense spasms” and “strange chattering” that have prevented her from finding work. reports Hubert has filed a lawsuit against the American Federation of Television and Radio Acts and the AFTRA Health Fund over claims that she is suffering from “intense spasms” and “strange chattering” that have kept her unable to work.

In another lawsuit, Hubert is suing her insurer, the H&R fund, to cover the expenses of her treatment. H&R fund is an employee benefit plan utilized by AFTRA.

“There is a lot going on, health-wise,” Hubert told RadarOnline. “I have had a lot of issues over the years, but I’d like my benefits back. That’s all. They’ve sort of denied me some very very important medical things that I need to feel good.”

Court documents reveal that Hubert’s health problems surfaced when she was treated by a chiropractor for “military neck,” a rare condition that involves the loss of spinal curvature.

Hubert developed vertigo the following year, which she claims was so intense that she “was unable to drive. To help deal with the disease, Hubert was “told to sleep sitting up for six weeks. The advice did nothing to help the actress’ situation.

H&R continued to cover Hubert’s treatment during this time, which found more health issues coming into play. According to the lawsuit, Hubert started seeing an acupuncturist as she “developed intense pain in her face.”

Nevertheless, the H&R fund continued to provide aid by paying for Hubert’s acupuncturist.

Despite the coverage, Hubert’s health continued to get worse. “A strange chatter” in Hubert’s jaw began developing as well as Hubert’s inability to comb her hair. In addition, Hubert revealed that she light was painful to her and she couldn’t touch her face. Severe reactions to sound, a clenched mouth that was present when she woke up from sleeping were other health issues that Hubert is dealing with.

The H&R fund’s aid was a constant presence in providing coverage and funds to pay for treatment. At least that’s what Hubert thought until she received a letter from the fund around 2011 that stated the company never meant to pay for her “trigger point sessions.

Regarding her lawsuit, Hubert claims she “has been unable to afford continuous treatments” with her trigger point specialist in light of her paying for her treatment out of pocket. As a result, the entertainer stated that she has been “unable to accept numerous jobs” because of her situation, thereby forcing her to “go on disability.”

Hubert’s lawsuit, which was filed in L.A., requests a jury trial to award her unpaid benefits, attorneys fees and costs, “relief” for the treatments retroactively, and an order directing H&R to pay for the treatments in the future.

For more details about Hubert’s ongoing health problems and her lawsuit, click here.


Article and Picture Courtesy of EUR Web

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