“Django Unchained” proved to be one of the most controversial movies of 2012. From Black academics and intellectuals critiquing Quentin Tarantino’s depiction of slavery to Spike Lee’s comment that he wouldn’t see it because he found it “disrespectful”  to his ancestors, “Django Unchained” proved to be divisive amongst Black moviegoers.

Hurt feelings aside, most actors would kill to work with Tarantino, who’s revived quite a few stagnant careers like John Travolta and Bruce Willis in the 1994 cult classic “Pulp Fiction.”  When Will Smith (Tarantino’s first choice) turned down the role of Django, Black Hollywood came a knockin’.  Idris Elba, Michael K. Williams and Terrence Howard all threw their hats in the ring, but Oscar winner Jamie Foxx would eventually play the gun slinging ex-slave.  The one name not mentioned was r&b singer and sometime actor Tyrese Gibson.  Tyrese, who’s played supporting roles in two of Hollywood’s biggest franchises, “The Fast and Furious” and “Transformers”  put it in his own bid to headline Tarantino’s shoot ‘em up western with a video audition found by World Star Hip Hop:

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