Michael Dunn‘s murder retrial has been postponed!

The 47-year-old white male murdered a 17-year-old black male, Jordan Davis, after getting into an argument with four black youths over “thug music.”

His trial ended with a hung jury — resulting in a delay on Monday until Friday to see if a judge sentences him or he waits for retrial.

Dunn was convicted last month on three counts of second-degree attempted murder and could face up to 60 years in prison for firing into the vehicle.

He will not get a new trial for the attempted murder. However, prosecutors plan to retry him on the count of murdering Davis in the first-degree.

Cory Strolla will not represent Dunn in a retrial and asked Judge Russell Healeyto replace him with public defenders.

Out of 150 trials, Healey has never seen one like Dunn’s trial.

“I’ve never had a hung jury,” Healey said at Monday’s hearing.

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