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Roland Martin goes one on one with Hall of Famer, Deion Sanders and dishes on all things football, including the controversial firing of Desean Jackson and Johnny Football’s ‘ghetto tendencies’. Get ready to laugh out loud!

“He was on my team at the Pro Bowl and he’s a good kid. Now, does he come with luggage? Yes. He’s a wide receiver. Everybody knows wide receivers are divas, ” Sanders said.

And if you’re wondering what kind of emotional state Desean may be in after all this, Sanders let’s us inside the head of an athlete.

“…with a professional player, when someone cuts you, that’s almost the first time in your life that you’re going through somebody not wanting you…now he’s in the same division. He’s upset, he’s mad, he’s refocused, he’s rededicated.”

Read the entire interview below:

ROLAND MARTIN: So I’m looking forward to it…Hey, I heard you guys talking earlier about this DeSean Jackson story. Of course he was cut by the Philadelphia Eagles after having his best season of the year last year. They could not trade him. They cut him. And they cut him 30 minutes after his website released this story alleging gang affiliation or ties to individuals who are in gangs, and a lot of cats, a lot of players, football players, are ticked off thinking that he is being smeared unfairly by the Eagles with what these sources say. So I reached out to a Hall of Famer, somebody’s who’s never been shy about giving his opinion. Welcome to the show Deion Sanders.

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