eric-williamsBeing a villain on reality television obviously isn’t as lucrative for everybody as it was for Omarosa. Former basketball player and reality star Eric Williams recently revealed he is in fact homeless.

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The shocking news comes after Williams was summoned to appear in a Denver, Colorado family court to settle a child support dispute with the mother of his thirteen-year-old son. Williams wrote a letter to the court explaining why he couldn’t appear at the hearing that was scheduled for earlier this month.

Eric Williams, who owes more than $24,000 in back child support, wrote a letter to the court saying that a “court-ordered citation for me to appear was not delivered to my home address as I have no home.” In the letter, the former basketball player went on to reveal that he has no money for airfare or to retain a lawyer to resolve this matter. 


Eric Williams was once married to former “Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams. Their nasty divorce played out on the show and Eric came off looking like the bad guy. Now, Williams says he’s a volunteer at an unidentified non-profit organization and is in the rebuilding stages of his life.


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